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Dongfeng Rises in the East - Dongfeng Motor Held 2021 Brand Ceremony


On April 17, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, in MIFA 1862 Shanghai, China, held the 2021 Dongfeng Motor Brands Spring Ceremony. To fulfil the corporate mission of "drive your dream", "Dongfeng Rises in the East" Program was kicked off in the all-new brand value philosophy of "quality, wisdom and harmony".? ?


At the same time, Dongfeng launched the Leap Forward Action for sci-tech innovations. Focusing on new energy and smart driving, the automaker will cooperate with its strategic partners to build the future auto ecology. The 14th Five-year Plan of Dongfeng will help it accelerate the transition towards a tech company, start a new era of innovation, transition and development, and instill? dynamic energy for the rise of Chinese auto brands.?


Data reveal that in the 13th Five-year Plan period, Dongfeng Motor sold 19.3 million vehicles in total, including 6.3 million units of its own brands and 280,000 NEV units. Meanwhile, the automaker has also made the new business pattern that caters to the trend of lightweight, electric, intelligent, networking and sharing development in the automobile industry. When starting the new journey in the 14th Five-year Plan period, Dongfeng has made the right choice of sci-tech direction in terms of corporate mission, values and positioning.?


"Drive your dream" is the mission of Dongfeng. During the 14th Five-year Plan period, Dongfeng will fulfil the brand value philosophy of "quality, wisdom and harmony" in a clearer and more specific way: build quality Dongfeng so as to make the automaker a trustworthy model of operations; build smart Dongfeng so as to make it a leading company that enables the innovative development of automobile industry; and build harmonious Dongfeng so that the automaker becomes a partner creates values for customers, society and employees.

Dongfeng places sci-tech innovations in a more important strategic position, and strives to transition into a tech company. It is newly positioned as "an excellent tech company that provides high-quality automobile products and services to users".


d on its corporate mission, values and positioning, Dongfeng released its 14th Five-year Plan in the Brand Ceremony, which is also known as Dongfeng Rises in the East Program. Dongfeng has made the Three-million Plan, e.g., by 2025, sales of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles of self-owned brands and NEVs will reach one million respectively so that the scale of Dongfeng's self-owned brands will get into Top 3 in the industry. Dongfeng will make 100 billion RMB R&D investment in the 14th Five-year Plan period. The strength of R&D investments in its own brands will stay at least 6% in this period, taking the leading position in the world. By the end of the 14th Five-year Plan period, Dongfeng will again get more than 2,000 key technologies, with the control rate reaching 95%. The automaker will implement the Green Dongfeng 2025 Action. The comprehensive energy consumption per 10,000 RMB output will go down by 15%, and sales of NEVs will take more than 20% of its total sales, so as to help achieve the target of "peak CO2 emissions and carbon neutral".


Following the philosophy of "upgrading, enhancing and expanding", Dongfeng will adjust and optimize its business structure, and build three business units, namely, vehicle business, sci-tech business and service ecology.?

From "automaker" to "tech company", "Dongfeng Rises in the East" Program targets at the 14th Five-year Plan as the new dream of Dongfeng. The driving force that push forward the dream comes from tech innovations. Dongfeng will, by making Leap Forward Action for sci-tech development, seek leapfrog progress in the fields of new energy and intelligent driving. It strives to build technology industrialization, establish new competitiveness, and become a tech company that empowers automobile industry.


During the brand ceremony, Dongfeng made debut of its new-generation conceptual vehicle eπ2021, a Dongfeng Aeolus model that integrates the leading technology of the automaker's Leap Forward Action for tech innovations. "e" means electron, and "π" represents infinity. In fact, "e" is also the ? of natural logarithm, representing infinity and Dongfeng's limitless pursuit for tech innovations. As a smart pure electric SUV, Dongfeng Aeolus's new-generation conceptual model eπ2021 is originated from pure electric platform, with SOA architecture, leading three electric systems and high voltage fast charging technology. By paying attention to the "free and friendly" interactive experience, it adheres to the tech innovation of "having fun and being loved", feels the natural forces of "harmony and symbiosis", and enters a new era of electric intelligent travel. At the same time, Dongfeng unmanned brand Infinity Star was launched, whose products cover L4 and L5 unmanned smart trucks. Even more, the automaker is actively considering commercial applications to create smart logistics solutions.


The automaker still has a long way to go to build quality Dongfeng, smart Dongfeng and harmonious Dongfeng. In the future, Dongfeng will further carry out the "Dongfeng Rises in the East" program, adhere to the theme of high-quality development, and focus on the four strategic tasks, namely, "independent development, deepening reform, strengthening coordination, and innovation driven", so as to deepen opening-up and cooperation. It will fulfil the requirements for high-quality development in all fields and the whole process so as to steadily improve the ability to create values and maximize the corporate values.


Those who follow the trend will win. Starting with the brand ceremony, Dongfeng has kicked off the new journey towards a tech company. A new Dongfeng will bring you better life.?

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