DFM's all series appear at CAEXPO Mechanical & Electric Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2019

Date:On November 27, 2019

On November 27, 2019, CAEXPO Mechanical & Electric Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2019 opened at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) appeared as a business group with the largest scale and most complete variety of products, showing its tremendous brand strength, gaining attention and praises from local markets and customers.

The International Business Unit of DFM organized Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. for the exhibition, which presented 7 passenger vehicles including FurterLink T5, X5, S50, CM7, S50EV and Lingzhi M5 EV, as well as 6 commercial vehicles including KL VL tractor, KR engineering vehicle, Duolika D9, Captain T, Chenglong H7 tractor and truck. These exhibits covered car, SUV, MPV, EV and truck.

DFM's interior booth at CAEXPO Mechanical & Electric Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2019

On the morning of November 27, DFM opened its booth, released its brand strategy and held the T5 launch ceremony. Present at the ceremony were Chinese and Vietnamese government officials, enterprise representatives, DFM's distributors and customers, renowned local media outlets and online celebrities, including Wu Jun, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Ho Chi Minh; Wei Xichen, Commercial Counselor of the Consulates General of the People's Republic of China in Ho Chi Minh; Wang Lei, Secretary-General of the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat; Liang Yiguang, Deputy Director General of the Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; Nguyen Van Nga, Head of the Southern Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam; Le Hoang Tai, Deputy Director General of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency; Zhao Xiaojie, Manager of Coordination, International Business Unit, DFM; Cheng Yuan, General Manager of Import & Export, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. and Hu Wuping, General Manager of Dongfeng Vietnam Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. They witnessed the launch of T5.

Guests witness the launch of DFM's brand strategy and T5

At the launch conference, Zhao Xiaojie interpreted DFM's brand strategy, core values of "Quality, Wisdom, Harmony" and brand identity, introduced DFM's participation in the exhibition, as well as its brand building, regional marketing, consumer experience and service improvement plan in Vietnam, and thanked local embassies and consulates, government institutions at all levels, associations and chambers of commerce, distributors and partners for their long-term support to DFM's development in Vietnam.

T5 featuring "large space, elegant appearance, strong power and high cost performance" appeared brilliantly in a passionate and fashionable dance show. The appearance of the new SUV brought the atmosphere to a climax. Its trendy shape, 12in LCD screen, exquisite interior, tremendous power and leading powertrain technology displayed the energetic image of Dongfeng brand. The narration by Huanglin, the anchor of Vietnam's "24-Hour News" and "365 News Online", as well as the live streaming by the media and online celebrities added brilliance to the T5 launch ceremony. After its launch in Vietnam, T5 will constitute DFM's product matrix covering car, SUV, MPV and other series with models such as S50, CM7 and X5, to meet customers' diverse needs and boost DFM's sales.

T5 makes its debut in Vietnam

"I am pleased to attend the opening ceremony of DFM's booth and see the sustainable development of DFM in Vietnam," said Wu Jun after viewing and experiencing T5 and other representative products, hoping that Chinese enterprises would step up promotion in Vietnam to shape its good image and spread its voice.

Wu Jun, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Ho Chi Minh, views and experiences T5

DFM also brought S50 EV and Lingzhi M5 EV both featuring long duration, strong power and rich configuration. It was the first time that DFM had displayed its EV products in a key overseas marketing region. DFM has led industrial development, and advanced lightweight, electric, intelligent, connected and shared development. In the future, it will provide overseas customers with cleaner and more efficient smart means of mobility.

2019 coincides with DFM's 50th anniversary. In the event, DFM set up a brand wall to review its development over the 50 years. The brand wall facilitated reporting and dissemination by media outlets and online celebrities, and deepened Vietnamese people's understanding of Dongfeng brand.

In the outdoor commercial vehicle exhibition zone, DFM displayed 6 commercial vehicles. In the first day of the exhibition, officials of the local government and exhibition host, including Nguyen Van Nga, Head of the Southern Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, inquired about the power configuration, features and operation conditions of models like KL VL tractor, and fully recognized the outstanding performance of Dongfeng trucks. Learning that Duolika sanitation truck and road block removal truck on show are both serving local urban and road construction, journalists and customers looked at them in admiration.

DFM participates in CAEXPO Mechanical & Electric Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2019-outdoor booth

Chenglong heavy truck was a new highlight of DFM's booth. Chenglong Truck has stuck to the concept of "customer orientation", developed all series of commercial vehicles under the platform strategy, accumulated rich market experience and developed good consumer reputation in Vietnam and other areas, with its brand influence radiating the rest of ASEAN. During the exhibition, Chenglong Truck delivered activities such as major customer negotiation, media experience and new product introduction, to promote product marketing.

From the afternoon of November 27 to 28, DFM invited representatives of Vietnamese automobile media outlets, distributors and customers to test-drive new vehicles. In such aspects as comfort, control and intelligence, from brand image to design, from materials to configuration, from static evaluation to real experience, journalists and guests gained insight into DFM and Dongfeng brand, and experienced the outstanding quality and driving fun of Dongfeng vehicles. In the experience activity, S50 and X5 drew much attention, whose broad and comfortable spaces from extra long wheelbases surprised journalists and customers. The instant power of high-performance engines matching CVT and 6MT/5MT impressed all.

Vietnamese journalists and customers participate in the road test-drive of DFM's representative models

After visiting DFM's interior booth, participating in the launch ceremony at the booth and test-driving DFM's products, Tran Hiep, a Vietnamese journalist, said, "DFM with a brand history of 50 years has made its way into the life of Vietnamese people through trucks and now has so many passenger vehicle products; T5 powered by BMW and Bosch has luxurious large space and interior; with a complete variety of products, DFM will be recognized by people for its tremendous comprehensive strength!"

A Vietnamese customer is experiencing a product of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company

DFM negotiates with representatives of DHL and other major customers during the exhibition

DFM participated in CAEXPO Mechanical & Electric Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2017 as a business group in October 2017, gaining full attention from local media and customers; and has so far established a few 4S stores and showrooms in and around Ho Chi Minh. The 4S stores in Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Lang Son and Can Tho are under preparation.

DFM released its overseas regional marketing plan in 2019 taking Southeast Asia as its key marketing region. Vietnam is exactly the most important strategic market (LHD) in this region. DFM has advanced regional marketing management from the rear market to the frontal market. With the concerted efforts of all sectors, DFM has developed with each passing day in Vietnam, pushing forward brand communication and marketing in parallel.

DFM's participation in CAEXPO Mechanical & Electric Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2019 and the unveiling of its new vehicles mark a good start for its marketing campaign in Vietnam. Next DFM will organize the market launch of new vehicles, new store opening, project cooperation, traveling shows and major customer promotion in Ho Chi Minh, and put up billboards in Ho Chi Minh's landmarks like AB Tower, to further expand DFM's brand popularity and influence, and promote its brand marketing in Vietnam.

In the future, DFM will establish a regional marketing platform in Vietnam to bring its synergistic advantage into play, unify brand management, optimize product introduction, advance localization, improve marketing capacity, enhance after-sales service, conduct technical and environmental upgrading specific to Vietnam, keep integrating itself into Vietnam's social and economic construction, meet local market needs and increase sales.

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