2019 Peru Dongfeng Night staged, integrated brand marketing boosts overseas marketing

Date:2019-11-08 (Peru Time)

On the night of November 8 (Peru Time)-- 2019 Peru Dongfeng Night & Launch Ceremony of AX4, AX7 and SX6 took place successfully at Peruvian Association China, Lima, Peru. The activity showcased DFM's uniform brand image and representative models of DFM's all series of passenger vehicles, gaining unanimous praise from guests, journalists and customers for its novel form, distinctive quality products and the passionate atmosphere.

Following the activity, advertisement release, mall show, media promotion, product experience, new store opening, sales promotion and other promotional activities of DFM took place successively, to boost DFM's overseas marketing through integrated brand promotion in key markets.

Among nearly 300 guests were Zhao Wuyi, former Chinese Ambassador to Peru; Ing Carlos Manuel Burgos, Chairman of the Peruvian Association of Industry and Commerce and Member of the Parliament of Peru; Viviana Meza, Director of Regidora de san Borja; Fan Xiaodong, Executive Vice General Manager of Asociación de Empresas Chinas en Perú; Hu Xinyuan, Manager of the Overseas Strategy Division, International Business Unit, DFM; Liu Xueming, General Manager of the Vehicle Export Business Unit, Dongfeng Motor Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd., representatives from Peruvian governments at all levels and relevant institutions, as well as representatives from Chinese enterprises and business associations such as Asociación de Empresas Chinas en Perú and Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Peru. Nearly 50 professional media outlets, including Xinhua News Agency, Global Times and renowned Peruvian media outlets such as El Comercio, Automas and Mundo Tuerca y Nitro, Peruvian social media KOLs and Peruvian online celebrities witnessed the launch of AX4, AX7 and SX6.

Liu introduced DFM and its brand building efforts in international markets, reviewed the history of its entry into Peru, elaborated on its plan for new product launch, brand building, marketing, customer experience and service improvement in Peru, thanked relevant sides for their persistent support, and expressed his good wish for cooperation and win-win.

In April 2018, DFM released its core brand values and then interpreted it in multiple languages. At 2019 Peru Dongfeng Night, Hu released DFM's core brand values of "Quality, Wisdom, Harmony" and uniform overseas brand identity once again, and comprehensively interpreted them based on the measures for advancing the "D139" brand strategy, to offer local media and customers a deeper understanding of Dongfeng brand and spirit.

2019 coincides with DFM's 50th anniversary. DFM 50th Anniversary Achievement Exhibition was held concurrently. Informative display boards, vivid narrations, the display of the representative models, as well as media reports and online celebrities' dissemination deepened the participants' understanding of Dongfeng brand.

At 2019 Peru Dongfeng Night, Kimbafa, a renowned local dance group, presented an impressive motorsport-themed dance to passionate music. At the climax of the dance, AX4, AX7 and SX6 appeared brilliantly, attracting all the attention.

AX4 features distinctive bionics design, trendy styling, exquisite interior, dynamic power and sophisticated black technology. AX7's ingenuity, rich configuration and comfort bring out the best in each other. SX6 features broad space and a mobility model integrating entertainment, safety, convenience and comfort.

SX5, S500, M3, RICH and other Dongfeng products also appeared, covering car, SUV, MPV and pickup. They will provide all series of Dongfeng solutions to Peru.

Following the release ceremony, Zhao posed with the exhibits for a photo, inquired about AX7, extended congratulations on the success of the activity, said that Dongfeng vehicles are popular with Peruvian consumers, and expected that DFM would intensify promotion in Peru to achieve a greater success. "Tonight the new vehicles of Dongfeng with a history of 50 years are fresh to me, this is a wonderful and memorable night," said Viviana Meza.

In the session of vehicle viewing, guests and journalists who could not wait went up to view the vehicles from outside to inside. Peruvian online celebrities broadcast the activity live through social media like Ins and Facebook. In an exclusive interview, the Marketing Director of Dongfeng South America and Peru introduced DFM's regional marketing plan and brand building.

The success of 2019 Peru Dongfeng Night raised the curtain of DFM's new-round integrated marketing communication in Peru. On November 9 Local Time, a spectacular new model experience activity for journalists and customers took place as scheduled before DFM's soon-to-open new flagship store. As a warm-up for the opening of the new store, the activity offered guests a new experience of "viewing, testing and playing with vehicles".

Representatives of nearly 50 Peruvian professional auto media outlets, dealers and customers were invited to experience Dongfeng vehicles at close range. From brand image to design, from materials to configuration, from performance to operation, comfort, maneuverability and intelligence, journalists and guests learned about Dongfeng vehicles and brand, and keenly experienced the outstanding quality and driving fun of Dongfeng vehicles from multiple dimensions.

On the scene of the experience activity, salespersons were busy with narrations; journalists conducted interviews, broadcast live and test-rode vehicles; customers sang their praises and made transactions; pedestrians and passing cars stopped for a look and obtained promotional materials; a high-pole billboard of Dongfeng not far away was striking. All these impressed people deeply

Florencia from Lima and his family have followed AX7 for a long time. After a full experience of it in the activity, he bought it on the site.

He said to the staff in excitement, "Seguro y elegante, inteligente y conveniente, me encanta!"("It is safe, fashionable, intelligent and convenient, I like it!")

DFM's brand promotion campaign in Peru also included mall show, outdoor advertising and storefront marketing. All these activities were based on regional marketing needs and came upon full communication and planning with localities. Various promotion forms further enhanced Dongfeng's brand influence in Peru, showcased Dongfeng's overall brand strength and international image, and promoted the overseas brand marketing of Dongfeng.

Peru is an intensely competitive market which poses high requirements to automakers and needs automakers to meet international needs in such aspects as product, technology, marketing, brand building, cultural fusion and operation management. Aiming at such rigid market requirements, DFM has introduced various models based on Peruvian consumers' needs, and given full play to the synergic effect of regional marketing. Through persistent efforts, DFM has made great strides in Peru. In 2018 and the first half of 2019, DFM was ranked first among key Chinese automakers in Peru in terms of growth.

This April DFM released its new mid-term overseas business plan. South America is a key market in DFM's overseas regional marketing and Peru is vital in DFM's South America marketing plan. DFM has kept intensifying market development, channel building and brand promotion in Peru, with the number of its sales outlets increasing from a dozen in Lima in 2017 to over 60 (with Trujillo as the center in northern Peru, Lima as the center in central Peru and Arequipa as the center in southern Peru). In late 2019, DFM will build a flagship store and core after-sales service center in Lima. In 2020, DFM will establish its Peruvian representative office to comprehensively improve and consolidate its regional marketing capacity.

DFM has always valued brand building in international markets. In recent years, DFM has kept enhancing its international brand influence by sponsoring world top sports events like Volvo Ocean Race, participating in international auto shows in key overseas markets, conducting sports marketing, launching new products and organizing public benefit activities.

In the future, DFM will forge ahead, endeavor to build a world top brand and make unremitting efforts to create a good auto life in the new era.

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